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Anita McLeod LCSW, SAP Counseling Services

How we can help you

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Marriage & Couples Counseling

Improve couples communication, resolve conflicts in a healthy manner, strengthen your relationship, and improve intimacy.

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Grief & Loss Counseling

Individuals & families can get help through difficult times like the declining health or loss of a loved one, and major life transitions like job loss.

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Trauma & PTSD Counseling

After experiencing a traumatic life event, get help understanding your emotions, learn strategies to cope, and continue to live a life filled with purpose.


EMDR Therapy

Difficult memories can make you feel trapped in your emotions. EMDR therapy can assist your mind to heal and manage your past experiences.

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Bipolar Disorder Therapy

Bipolar disorder has many signs but is often misunderstood. Manage your mental health through therapy, learning triggers, and adjusting lifestyle.

Effective Counseling and Therapy in Henrietta, New York

Do you feel stuck? Are you living out of a place of true purpose and strength? How are your relationships with those closest to you? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your circumstances and hope for some direction and peace?

It would be a privilege for me to walk this road with you! As a therapist with 20 years in the counseling field, I use a multi-faceted approach with all of my clients as no two of us are the same!

We all come to the table with unique gifts, but sometimes get so overwhelmed by our struggles that we need someone to point the way back! Individuals, couples, and more, I help my clients see what’s “getting in the way” and develop an individualized plan to get their life back on track.

Christian-based Counselor & Licensed Therapist

Anita McLeod of McLeod Counseling PLLC

Anita McLeod, LCSW, SAP Owner

Anita is a faith-based Christian counselor that has provided therapy to hundreds of clients over the past 20 years, helping them with are variety of relationship issues and mental health concerns.

Working in private practice and difficult environments with severely mentally ill patients, Anita is compassionate and empathetic to those in all walks of life. She understands the difficulties clients face and has the psychological tools and interventions to assess and deliver effective therapy.

Anita McLeod is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) in Henrietta through the New York State Education Department. She has a Master's degree in Social Work from The Ohio State University.

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Mental Health Assessments and Evaluations

DOT/SAP Assessments

A positive drug screening can be a cause for a Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional (DOT SAP) Assessment. I provide employers and employees compliant, professional assessments with a quick turn around.

OASAS Certified DWI Assessments

New York state mandates DWI and drug-related charges to be assessed by an OASAS provider. I am licensed by the state to provide such assessments and can help you navigate the process.

Why McLeod Counseling, PLLC for Assessment Services?

Have you or an employee come up positive for a drug screen? Refused to be tested? Post-accident assessment needed? I am here to help!

I have been performing DOT/SAP (Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional) and OASAS Assessments since 2014. I understand the complexities and processes to provide both employees and employers with the information necessary for compliance and return-to-duty. I pride myself on being a helpful, convenient option with quick paperwork turn-around, helping you navigate the complex DOT’s process.

3-Step Counseling and Assessment Process

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Contact us

Get ahold of McLeod Counseling by calling or submitting your information in the form below. I will reach back out to ask you a few preliminary questions about your situation or concerns. This intro call will help you and I to get to know each other for a few, see if our personalities match, and see if it makes sense to move forward with a counseling session.

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Scheduling a counseling session

On the call, if we both agree it’s a good fit, I will work with you as best as possible to schedule an appointment that’s convenient with your schedule and our business hours.

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Counseling Sessions and Therapy

On the day of the meeting, please arrive at my office 5-10 minutes early to make sure we start the meeting on time and you get the full session duration. I schedule appointments back-to-back with other clients as much as possible so there is often no extra time at the end of you are running late.

Try to mentally prepare yourself and come in with an open mind. Remember, my office is a judgement-free space, your privacy is always paramount, and all conversations always stay within our office.

I understand that some topics may be difficult to discuss but every effort you make helps strengthen your mental health.

DOT/SAP and OASAS Assessments

The Department of Transportation and New York State are no longer accepting assessments unless they are face to face. You must come to my office for an in-person assessment. 

Please arrive at my office 5-10 minutes early to make sure we start the assessment on time. I schedule appointments back-to-back with other clients so there is often no extra time at the end of you are running late.

What our counseling clients are saying

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For A Complimentary Phone Consultation

If you are a new client wanting to schedule a counseling session or or an assessment service, please call me at 585-967-9700 or fill out our form with your best phone number and email so I can get back to you within 2 business days. 

As a reminder, I am committed to your privacy. Do not include confidential or private information regarding your health or condition as this form is for general questions and appointments.

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