New York State OASAS Assessments

Court-Ordered DWI assessments


Driving While Intoxicated Assessment Services

Drivers who have been pulled over and received an impaired driving citation may be required by the New York State DMV or the court system to complete a clinical assessment. This will help the State to determine if a substance abuse disorder is present, determine patterns of use, and risk of a driver. McLeod Counseling, PLLC is an approved OASAS provider of DWI assessments for the Impaired Driver Program and can help you complete your screening.

What to expect during a DWI assessment

Drug and Alcohol Assessment Questionnaire

During the assessment, I will interview you for 60-90 minutes and ask various questions about:

  • Your personal life
  • Employment and education
  • Behavior history
  • Mental health
  • Your use of alcohol or drugs
  • Arrest records
  • And other pertinent information related to your situation

I will also require contact information for other individuals or organization as collateral interviews are required.

Based on my assessment, a determination will be made and recommendations given. I will submit the documentation to the appropriate authorities and can give you a copy as well for your records.

In addition to my assessment, you may be requested to schedule a toxicology test that is performed outside of our office.

NY State DWI Assessments with Anita McLeod

As a licensed mental health professional with over 10 years providing OASAS DWI assessments, I collaborate with you and your attorney to ensure assessments are completed on-time and pertinent information to the case are properly assessed.

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Our Approach to Substance Assessments

Drivers with a DWI citation can often lose their license or have other privileges taken away. Public safety is why assessments are required, to assess risks of recurring incidents.

I understand for most individuals these are one time incidents. I am compassionate to your situation and want to restore your autonomy, driving privileges, and help you get back to daily life. With your help, I can provide an accurate assessment that will restore your freedom, driver’s license and more.

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Speed and Accuracy are Important

Meeting court deadlines is extremely important to ensure your case goes smoothly. My DWI assessments are typically completed in 1-3 days and are consistently accepted by the courts as my recommendations and reasonings are thoroughly documented.

How I help our assessment clients

I have helped hundreds of drivers manage the complexities of the DWI process within New York state and retain or regain their license through assessments approved by local courts.

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What our DWI assessment clients are saying

Alcohol Assessment Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

A DWI/alcohol assessment costs $350 which includes the interview process and my time to put together the recommendations and documentation to get the assessment approved by the courts.

I need you to bring:

  • Your driver’s license
  • Your arrest report from the police station (or arresting officer)
  • Driving abstract from the DMV
  • Other documentation from the courts about your case

You also need to complete all of the forms provided on this page prior to your OASAS assessment.

I will ask questions like the following:

  • How much or how often do you drink?
  • What type of alcohol do you drink?
  • What are the reasons why?
  • How long you have been drinking?
  • Have you’ve tried to quit drinking alcohol or someone has had concerns?
  • And many more.

When my evaluation is complete, I will submit the written report to the court and appropriate authorities. 

I may recommend additional treatment if addiction is present. You may be required to take a course or attend support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. 

It depends on the severity of the situation and if repeat offenses have occurred.

You can check my OASAS certification here  by searching for me using the following filters: 

  • Category: Providers of Clinical Screening and Assessment Services for the Impaired Driving Offender
  • County: Monroe
  • Search by: Provider Name : Anita McLeod

I would recommend avoiding a provider who is not OASAS-approved as your assessment will likely be denied and you’ll be required to get an additional assessment by someone who is OASAS approved. This may cost you additional time and money to get an appropriate assessment completed.

Yes. In New York, you are required to take a urine test at as part of the assessment process.