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Strength your most important Relationship

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Relationships take work. Grow better together.

Your relationship with your spouse or significant other is one of the most important relationships in your entire life, even more so if you have children together. Ensuring you’re on the same page with your values and beliefs, careers and financials, and general communication can make the relationship easier or much harder. Whether times are good or you have differences you need to work through, McLeod Counseling helps married, premarital, and “together” couples have difficult conversations and strengthen their relationships.

What to expect from Marriage & Couples Counseling

While no partner is perfect, marriage and couples counseling is about working together and making the best decisions for you and your partner. These may be varying behaviors, communication or lack thereof, and more, but identifying these issues and being upfront about them can avoid headaches, fights, or deep-seeded resentment in the future. I help couples be open and communicate their thoughts and perspectives to better understand each other and resolve conflicts.

1. Communicate effectively

  • learn to listen and understand your partners needs, wants, feelings
  • recognize you or your partner’s use of negative communication, verbal and nonverbal messages
  • learn not to criticize but positively request changes
  • learn to be empathetic and sensitive to your partner’s perspective

2. Intimacy

  • strengthen physical and emotional bonds with your partner
  • be compassionate for their needs
  • plan for and follow through on “time together” despite busy schedules

3. Conflict Resolution & Productivity

  • learn conflict resolution strategies to prevent escalation
  • address conflicts early and collaborate on healthy decisions
  • be accountable, take ownership of your actions, and make amends
  • learn to forgive and not hold grudges

Marriage & Couples Counseling Services with Anita McLeod

As a licensed mental health professional with over 15 years helping couples through good times or relationship crises such as communication or infidelity, and divorce, I have the experience and understanding to help you navigate your relationship goals.

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Individual or Couples Counseling

Working on a relationship takes both working on yourself and working together. Sometimes you and your spouse need to discuss your differences. Other times you need to work through something within yourself before coming to a resolution with your partner. My marriage counseling services are private sessions with individuals or couples together to help you build a strong, successful relationship.

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Marriage counseling and overall health

Relationships can cause all kinds of stress, especially when times are rough. You may have trouble sleeping, your eating habits or exercise routines may change, your heart may race, and more. I understand the challenges that come with relationships and can help you get on the right path mentally that can trickle down to improving your physical well-being.

How I help counseling clients

Couples counseling is one of many steps that can help you improve your relationships and mental health. I work with clients across a variety of experiences that may be causing trust issues, self-sabotage, lack of communication, and other issues that could also be causing issues in their marriage or relationships. 

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What our couples counseling clients are saying

Relationship Counseling Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can come to couples counseling when a relationship is good or not going so well. Most people come to couples counseling when there are some differences they need to work through or are having more frequent fights. An unbiased third party can help each party see the other’s perspective and teach them to resolve their differences.
Depending on the couple, how open, honest, and willing they are to work on their relationship will determine how few sessions they will need. Most couples need more than 6 sessions to resolve deep-seeded issues they’ve avoided for months or years.

Yes, all counseling sessions are private and we abide by HIPAA policies. This includes if you come as an individual for a marriage counseling session, I will not divulge information to your partner.

Marriage counseling can drastically improve communication, resolve differences between partners, and even overcome infidelity. It really depends on the couple, their dedication to each other, and how hard they are willing to work, whether counseling can save their marriage or not.