U.S. Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional Assessments

Federally required Drug and Alcohol Assessments


DOT SAP Assessment Services

Any individual who has a positive alcohol or drug screen in a safety sensitive job under DOT rules and regulations is required to see a qualified SAP professional for an evaluation. McCleod Counseling, PLLC provides DOT compliant SAP evaluations for employees as well as consultation for employers with questions about DOT rules and regulations.

I help employers and employees understand the specific steps of the return-to-duty process and promptly schedule the employee for a SAP evaluation.

Industries we provide DOT SAP Assessments

We assess employees from a variety of safety sensitive industries and are familiar with the rule variations in each, including:

1. Airline – FAA

According to the FAA, the substance abuse professional must complete 6 unannounced tests in 12 months after a drug or alcohol violation. Follow-ups could possibly be required within a 5-year period. All evaluations must be submitted to the employer and have a “return to duty” test verifying your fit to work.

2. Freight Transport – FMCSA

CDL drivers must receive a return to duty qualification for the DOT. The substance use professional can recommend treatment, education, or testing covering a 1-5 year for any Motor Carrier employing a driver. Interstate drivers testing positive may need to be medically cleared to drive again.

3. Marine – USCG

Pre-employment and post a serious marine accident, you must complete alcohol or drug testing. There are also provisions for weather someone was injured, a death, or illegal dumping of hazardous materials into the environment occurred. A SAP evaluation and return to duty process must be completed.

4. Pipeline & Hazardous Material – PHMSA

Any pipeline facilities used to transport natural gas, liquefied natural gas, or other gases require operators to be tested for drugs and alcohol, both pre-hire and post accident. Considering public interest and gravity of a failure in this line of work, SAP’s play a vital role in protecting the public. At least six tests are required in the first 12 months and testing up to 60 months for proof and employee has stopped misusing substances.

5. Railroad – FRA

The FRA regulates all testing for railroad workers including conductors, dispatch, mechanics, and more. Evaluations must prove a return to duty and follow up assessments over 12 to 60 months, depending on the severity of usage. Not complying can results in job loss or loss of license.

Substance Abuse Assessments with Anita McLeod

As a licensed mental health professional with over 20 years providing assessments, I have the experience to help employers and employees get an approved SAP assessment to get employees back to work.

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Our Approach to Substance Assessments

Employees with a positive screening are typically very concerned about time off duty without pay, possible loss of employment, an unsure future, and often family members who are upset.

While public safety is the central concern of the DOT return-to-duty process, I am no stranger to the process and recognize this situation can be charged with emotion.

I follow standard protocol with a compassionate approach to understand your concerns while providing you AND the DOT the information they need for compliance purposes.

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Speed and Accuracy are Important

I often get called at the last minute when deadlines are imminent and paperwork needs to be turned in. I can expedite an assessment within a few days notice to help meet the DOT's timelines.

How I help our assessment clients

I have helped hundreds of truck drivers, pilots and other safety-sensitive employees manage the anxiety of their difficult circumstances and move ahead with constructive steps to get evaluated and get back to work. 

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What our DOT & SAP assessments clients are saying

DOT & SAP Assessments Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

Assessments typically take between 60 and 90 minutes.

Evaluations cost $350 but if there are immediate deadlines, I can prioritize your assessment for an additional fee.

I may ask questions about:

  • How much and how often you use various substances?
  • What are the reasons why? 
  • How long you have been using?
  • Have you’ve tried to quit or someone has had concerns?
  • And many more.

Once an assessment is complete, I may have additional recommendations like follow-up treatment or the DOT requires urine tests. Additional tests are typically required within 12 month window, and up to 5 years. 

I am also required to complete certain documentation that I will then submit to the appropriate authorities. If requested, I can send you a copy of this information.

Professional ethics are important to ensure that client’s best interests are being worked toward at all times. I agree wholeheartedly and assess each person as their own individual with an unbiased view, no matter their situation or status. 

I have been working with clients, courts, and other entities for many years and my integrity is the utmost importance to us. My recommendations are to benefit all of those involved.